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Products and services

AEP Drone offers a range of spray drones of different capacities, 6 and 10 liters. they have a standard design certificate issued by the DGAC for French scenarios S2. 

AEP Drone offers a machine rental service with or without remote pilot

icone drones


icone analyse de terrain

Field analysis

icone formation


drone de pulvérisation

   Who are we ?

For history, AIREVENPRO has been on the drone market for a short time,
born in 2015 as an association then in 2016 with SASU status,
she became involved in the exploitation of aerial photography by
drone and airship.

In 2018, the company specialized in embedded tools with
including a loudspeaker-talkie for the emergency services.

In 2020, it is moving towards precision agriculture with the objective of
to create a formidable tool to serve the agricultural and viticultural world.


In 2021,AEP DRONEwill be the emanation of AIREVENPRO and its
quintessence to succeed and bring the latter to farmers and
winegrowers in France and abroad.

In 2022, AEP Drone joined the "Aéro Pyxis" group.represented by Thierry MOHR its President.

AEP DRONEbuilt by his serious and scrupulous work this tool of
point in order to offer the agricultural and viticultural world a spraying of
accuracy meeting current expectations in accordance with
regulations in force.

This new tool can be used by professionals registered on
the directory This directory was created by the
company AIREVENPRO to find pilots if necessary. He is classy
on the first page and first place of Google.

AEP DRONE products:

At the entry level, a four-engine 6L capacity with
type design certificate issued by the DGAC in scenario S2.
In the mid-range, a four-engine 10L capacity with a
certificate identical to 6L in the national standard scenario S2.
At the top of the range, a future 20L in progress to complete

Future projects of AEP DRONE:

In preliminary draft, a drone intended for firefighters will be able to
choice of extinguishing or first aid function. It may be
equipped with an on-board loudspeaker or an extinguishing ball by dropping.
The latter is planned in scenario S3 initially.




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